Our Team


Elkie Zarchi

Head of School


Esther Grunblatt



Mussy Altein

Director of Admissions


Kathryn Martin

Administrative Assistant


Our Morahs


East Cambridge

Infant Toddler Room

Morah Cynthia 

Morah Kathryn 

Morah Erica 

Morah Christine 

Toddler Room

Morah Niloo 

Morah Jill 

Younger Preschool Room

Morah Lauren 

Morah Melanie 

Older Preschool Room

Morah L-J 

Morah Alexa 

Morah Stephanie 

Floater and Support

Morah Emily 


West Cambridge

Toddler Room

Morah Ashley 

Morah Adira 

Morah Lindsey 

Preschool Room

Morah Sarah 

Morah Michelle 

Morah Michal 

Floater and Support

Moreh Jacob 


Harvard Square 

Toddler Class

Morah Alena 

Morah Tzivi 

Morah Amy 

Infant Toddler Gan

Morah Cate

Morah Kayla 

Morah Tzipi 

Morah Rita 


Central Square 

Infant Toddler Gan

Morah Rebecca

Morah Stefaninne 

Morah Myriam 

Extended Day and Support

Morah Aney 

SCHOOL OFFICE ADDRESS: 38 Banks Street  Cambridge, MA 02138    •   TELEPHONE: 617-547-9189   •   EMAIL: click here to email us

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