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Weekly Specialists

Art Atelier 

The children will have opportunities to use a variety of art materials and allow their creativity to flourish as they create beautiful, unique artwork.

Music & Movement 

Mr. Owen and his guitar will spend time with our children as they discover beats, rhythms, and the different sounds and tunes of instruments. What a fun way to incorporate language, culture, and gross motor development all in one!

Nature Exploration 

Hands-on activities and active movement with Morah Debbie engages our young learners as they discover the mysteries of nature and connect with the natural world.

Be Ahead of the Game

Sports with Coach C is a fun session of gross motor activities, promoting exercise, team building, and skill development.

Yoga Studio

Our yoga instructor will help the children stretch their muscles and learn new moves while building strong body and breath awareness as well as cooperative skills and self-confidence. 

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